Ecological tourism

If you are in love with Nature and like primary attractions, adventures, sudden discoveries, mysteries and secrets, there are fascinating water, horse and walking tours as well as speleological routes in the Nizhny Novgorod region for you.
If you want to see how the southern taiga changes into leafy groves and birchwoods with picturesque meadows we recommend you to go canoeing or rafting down the Vetluga, the Pyana, the Lukh, the Kerzhenets, the Serezha or the Usta rivers.
The Kerzhenets, full of whirlpools and surrounded by forests, runs mainly in the forests of southern taiga and somehow reminds the lines of Pushkin:«… A magic place: there wends his way the woodsprite, there’s a mermaid sitting in branches…” (translated by Jenny Blackwood)