Khokhloma painted wooden ware originated in the Russian village of that name (Volga region) at the turn of the 17th century. Khokhloma painting is distinguished by resplendent colours and a whole set of traditional floral patterns. Khokhloma ware, which includes dinner services, sets for kvass and pancakes, decorative bowls and dishes, scoops and spoons, articles of furniture, decorative panels, etc., enjoys a world-wide fame. From mid-19th century onwards, art objects irom Khokhloma have figured at major exhibitions, both in this country and abroad. They were awarded medals and diplomas at international exhibitions. An album devoted to Khokhloma folk painting, with 72 colour plates, is to be issued by Aurora Art Publishers. In the introduction the reader will find a brief historical survey of this traditional Russian era л and a detailed account of its technique and stylistic peculiarities.






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