Russian passenger ships call at many ports of the world.
Their schedules are made up so as to give passengers ample time to have a good look at each port of call.
You will find comfort, courtesy and excellent service on all Russian liners.
Free medical service is available to every passenger aboard ship.
You can make a call to any town of the Russia.
Varied menu will meet the taste of any passenger. Every ship has its own bar.
There is a children’s playroom on each ship.
Ship’s stalls offer large selection of souvenirs and art works of Palekh craftsmen, Bogorodsk engravers and Kasli ironwork.
We hope that a trip on a Russian ship will leave pleasant memories.

(This rule is applicable to all Steamship Lines except the Danube Line).

I. Discounts granted to passengers
1. Passengers purchasing a return ticket are granted a 10% discount from the cost of the ticket.

2. Groups of passengers travelling together (tourists, sports or public delegations, artists, etc.) through tourist or other agencies, are entitled for the following discounts: when the group is from 10 to 24 members — 10%;
from 25 to 50 members—10% discount for each member of the group and a free ticket for the leader of the group.
over 50 members — 15% discount for each member of the group and one free ticket for the leader of the group;
An extra discount of 5% is granted to the organized groups of passengers purchasing return tickets beside the 10% discount for group travel, provided that there are minimum 10 persons in the group. One group of passengers on the return trip can be replaced by another group of the same number of passengers, on condition that they occupy berths indicated in their tickets.
3. Students travelling by the tourist class are granted a 10% discount from the cost of the ticket. An additional 5% discount is granted to students buying a round-trip ticket.

4. Passengers buying through tickets for the Black Sea ports with the subsequent transit from the ports of the Baltic Sea or in the opposite direction are granted a 10% discount from the price of the sea travel fare only. Organized groups of pas

VII. Transportation of dogs and cats

1. Feeding is not included in the transportation cost of the animals.

2. Owners must have veterinary certificates on

3. Dogs are transported in special kennels on
board the ship.

4. Cats are to be transported in baskets (light cages) provided by the passengers.

5. Dogs must wear muzzles.

6. Passengers are held responsible for the care of their animals.

Steamship Lines may change the schedules or substitute one ship for another with or without notice.

Baltic State Steamship Line. Mezhevoi Kanal 5, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Far Eastern State Steamship Line. 25 Oktyabrya st. 15, Vladivostok, Russia..
Black Sea State Steamship Line, Lastochkina st. 1, Odessa, Ukraine.
Caspian State Steamship Line, Djaparidze st. 5, Baku, Georgia