Uspensky Cathedral Smolensk

The Cathedral of the Dormition (Uspensky Cathedral) is a Cathedral of the Smolensk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. Located in the Central part of the city of Smolensk on the Cathedral hill. Erected in memory of the heroic defense of Smolensk 1609-1611 years in place of the same Cathedral of the XII century.
The Smolensk wall

The Smolensk fortress wall (sometimes using the wrong name Smolensk Kremlin) – defense facility, built in 1595-1602 years during the reign of Tsar Fedor Ivanovich and Boris Godunov. The monument. Architect Fyodor Kon. The length of the walls – 6.5 km (survived less than half of the walls and towers). Had a great military importance in the Russian state.






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