Wood and contemporary forms.

Wooden house


Design: Finla-Hous.


Wood as a building material offers a great variety of architectural solutions, which demonstrates the draft, having the characteristic features of modern architecture, and this applies not only to the external aesthetics. Such method provides, in addition, and rational use of solar energy.

kitchen in a wooden house.

kitchen in a wooden house.

Wide roof overhangs provide shade in the summer saving. This project can be carried out either of two-layer construction lumber or lumber thickness of 100 mm with an additional thermal insulation made of cellulose. Planning comfortable and modern: a lovely living room, a sauna, a rational distribution of utility rooms – on the ground floor; Air Gallery, open up to the ridge, bedroom, illuminated through the glazed gable – in the attic.


1 floor plan

Plan 1st floor of the wooden house.

Plan 2 floors

Plan 2 storey wooden house.

Total area – 155.5 m²
Area 1 floor – 90.0 sqm Hall – 7.0 m² living / dining area – 39.0 m² Kitchen – Bathroom 9.5 m² – 13.5 m² Sauna – 6.0 m2 Pantry – 9.5 m²; 5.5 m²
Area 2 floor – 65.5 sqm Bedroom – Wardrobe 13.5 m² – 11.0 m² Guest Room – 8.0 m² Gallery – 19.5 m² Bathroom – 13.5 m²





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