Day: August 3, 2011

  • Belgorod-Dnestrovsky

    Belgorod-Dnestrovsky The town is situated 86 km from Odessa, and the trip (by car or coach), including a tour of the fortress and a visit to the museum of Regional Studies will take 8-9 hours. Belgorod-Dnestrovsky is one of the oldest towns in the Soviet Union. It lies west of Odessa, 20 km from the […]

  • Kherson

    Kherson There are two such trips: one to the port town of Kherson, and the other to the town of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. The Service Bureau in your hotel will be glad to make the arrangements. Depending on the time at your disposal the trip can be arranged for one, two or three days (with a night […]

  • Boat Trip Along the Coast

    Boat Trip Along the Coast A boat trip along the coast will provide a view of Odessa from the sea. During the holiday season, from April to October, the boats follow a regular schedule stopping at the main beaches and the Passenger Sea Terminal. The Sea Terminal can be reached by trolleybuses No. 4, 10 […]

  • The Partisan Museum in the Catacombs

    The museum is in the suburban village of Nerubayskoye-thirty minutes by bus or car. A visit to the museum with a guide can be arranged through the Service Bureau of your hotel and would take three hours, including the journey there and back. The village of Nerubayskoye was founded at the end of the 18th […]

  • Yacht Club

    The beach, more than one kilometre long and 35-40 metres wide occupies a territory of almost 400,000 sq. m. It is excellently equipped both for adults and children. For the children there is a playground with swings, etc., and for the adults, a variety of sports facilities including basketball and volleyball courts and a football […]

  • Alley of Glory

    The Alleya Slavy (Alley of Glory) From the Arcade, following an alley along the sea, which remains to our left, we reach Aleya Slavy (the Alley of Glory), which holds a special place in the park. A memorial complex was unveiled here on April 10th, 1964, on the twentieth anniversary of the Liberation of Odessa. […]

  • Shevchenko Park

    From the start of the century the park near the centre of the city overlooking the sea has been a favourite spot with the people of Odessa and visitors to the city. The main entrance is from Ulitsa Engelsa (Engels St.). It is a ten minute walk from the centre, i.e. from the Hotel Krasnaya. […]

  • Automatic long-distance phone calls

    Abakan 3902 Archangel 8132.818 Anadyr. 42722 Astrakhan 8512 Barnaul 3852 Baikonur 33 622 Belgorod 4722 Birobidzhan 42 622 Blagoveshchensk 4162 Bryansk 4832 Veliky Novgorod 8162.81622 Beijing 4232 Vladikavkaz 8672 Vladimir 4922 Volgograd 8442 Vologda 8172 Voronezh 4732 Gorno-Altaisk 38N22 Grozny 8712 Yekaterinburg 343 Ivanovo 4932.493 Izhevsk 3412 Irkutsk 3952 Yoshkar-Ola 8362 Kazan 843 Kaliningrad 4012 […]

  • Automobile codes of Russia’s regions

    01 The Republic of Adygea 02 Republic of Bashkortostan (also 102) 03 Republic Bryatiya 04 Republic of Altai 05 Republic of Dagestan 06 The Republic of Ingushetia 07 Kabardino-Balkar Republic 08 Republic of Kalmykia 09 Karachaeko-Cherkessia 10 Republic of Karelia 11 Republic of Komi 12 The Republic of Mari El 13 Republic of Mordovia 14 […]