Concreting of the last tier of Rooppur NPP Unit 2 (Bangladesh) inner containment has been completed

On December 24, the concreting of the fifth tier of the inner containment of Unit 2 reactor building of Rooppur NPP (Bangladesh) was completed (General Designer and General Contractor – ROSATOM Engineering Division).


It took the specialists of Trest RossSEM LLC 23 hours of uninterrupted work to lay 850 m3 of self-compacting concrete mix. The fifth tier completes the cylindrical part of the inner containment – one of the main components of the NPP reactor safety system, which prevents the release of radioactive substances into the environment. Later, the dome of the power unit will be installed on it.

“The concreting of the fifth tier of the inner containment from elevation +38.180 to elevation +43.400 was completed significantly ahead of schedule. This is another proof of the high professional level of the specialists of Trest RossSEM LLC in Bangladesh and a good indication of well-coordinated work of the whole team at the construction site”, said Alexey Deri, Vice President of ASE JSC, Director of Rooppur NPP Construction Project.

Currently, the construction workers have proceeded with manufacturing of elements for the containment dome part. It is planned to complete the erection of steel structures of the inner containment dome in first half of 2022.






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