Overnight Russian Attack Damages 3 Power Stations in Ukraine

Kyiv said Friday that Russia’s military had fired nearly 100 drones and missiles at Ukraine overnight in a barrage that damaged three power stations.

Moscow has stepped up its air strikes on Ukraine in recent weeks, targeting energy infrastructure in response to an uptick in deadly Ukrainian shelling of Russian border regions.

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said the overnight Russian attacks had targeted 10 regions across the country, damaging power stations and homes, as well as wounding several people.

“Eighty-four air targets were destroyed, 58 Shaheds and 26 missiles,” the air force said in a statement, referring to Iranian-designed attack drones routinely deployed by Russian forces.

One of the country’s main energy providers DTEK said three of its thermal power stations had been attacked in the barrage, leaving facilities “severely damaged.”

“After the attack, the power engineers promptly started to deal with the impact,” the company said in a statement online, adding that one employee was wounded in the attack.






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