Poland Says Raided Russian Spy Network

Polish security services said Thursday they had raided a Russian spy network in cooperation with Czech intelligence, which a day earlier had busted a major Russian propaganda network.

The services said their operations were linked to charges filed earlier this year against a Polish citizen suspected of spying for Russia.

“The Internal Security Agency is conducting activities as part of an investigation into espionage activities for Russia directed against European Union countries and institutions,” agency spokesman Jacek Dobrzynski said on social media.

He added in a statement that the agency had carried out raids in the capital Warsaw and the southern city of Tychy, and interrogations in connection with the case.

He said the spy network’s “goal was to implement the Kremlin’s foreign policy objectives, including weakening Poland’s position on the world stage, discrediting Ukraine as well as the image of EU organs”.

“The operations carried out are the result of the agency’s international cooperation with a number of European services, coordinated in particular with Czech partners.”

The Czech Republic announced on Wednesday that it had busted a Moscow-financed network that spread Russian propaganda and wielded influence across Europe, including in the European Parliament.

Prague said the group used the Prague-based Voice of Europe news site to spread information discouraging the European Union from sending aid to Ukraine, which has been battling a Russian invasion since February 2022.

Dobrzynski added that the security agency’s operations began from an investigation that in January resulted in charges against a Polish citizen suspected of Russian espionage.

“The man, embedded in Polish and EU parliament circles, carried out tasks commissioned and financed by colleagues from Russian intelligence,” he said in the statement.

These tasks included “propaganda activity, disinformation as well as political provocation. Their objective was to build Russian spheres of influence in Europe.”

The security agency has not revealed the man’s identity.






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