Real Life Meets Screen Life in Upcoming Russia-Based Thriller

HOLLYWOOD—If the last few months haven’t given you enough excitement in the U.S. and Russia, soon you can see them again on the big screen — only fictionalized with lots of action and a big dose of conspiracy.

Unlike most moviemakers sidelined by the pandemic work stoppage, Russian actor-writer-producer Alexander Nevsky has been putting finishing touches to his latest film “Red Prophecies.”

Described as an “action thriller,” Red Prophesies is the story of an American journalist in Moscow who follows a lead and eventually discovers a plot to destabilize Russian politics and interfere in the U.S. presidential elections.

Following location filming in Moscow and Budapest, “Red Prophecies” was completed in Los Angeles. It is now in post-production.

Nevsky plays “a mysterious powerbroker” whose intentions, good or bad, are only revealed at the end.  He shares co-starring roles with Casper Van Dien. The cast includes Michael Madsen, Oded Fehr, Stephen Baldwin and Eric Roberts. “I don’t show much muscle in this one [picture] but still look like a stylish version of the original Terminator, wearing black suit all the time,” Nevsky wrote on the film’s site.

Like the former Terminator and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Moscow native Nevsky launched his career as an amateur boxer and bodybuilder, winning three Mister Universe titles before turning moviemaker-actor.

An author of 10 books about fitness (and drug-free bodybuilding) and star and producer of an equal number of movies, Nevsky has produced such action films as “Treasure Raiders,” “Magic Man,” “Showdown in Manila” and “Moscow Heat,” in which he co-starred with Michael York.

Nevsky’s autobiography “Bodybuilding and Other Secrets of Success” was published in Russia/CIS in 2019 and will be published in North America this year. He made his directorial debut with action thriller “Black Rose,” which was a theatrical box office hit in Russia/CIS and later released by Sony, ultimately winding up on Netflix.

Plans for “Red Prophecies” include limited theatrical and view-on-demand releases in North America this spring, followed by theatrical release in Russia/CIS.






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