Severstal lauches platform to promote ope iovatio

September 30, 2019

PAO Severstal has launched its own “Open Innovations” platform
(//, designed to
complement the Company’s open innovations initiatives and tools. The site hosts
Severstal’s initiatives for cooperating with startups, innovative teams and
industry experts, as well as indicating priority areas for cooperation and
specific tasks that need to be tackled today.

The Severstal Open Innovations platform includes a section dedicated to the
Company’s challenges in its production units open to assistance. For example,
the Company is presently interested in technology for separating metal dust
from sand and a method of indicating designated pedestrian zones that is
resistant to abrasion. Innovative companies will be able to offer their ideas
for solving these and other issues, and will have the opportunity to test
existing technologies at Severstal’s industrial sites. The Startup Tasks listed
in the platform’s Challenges section can also serve as topics for research
work. The list of tasks will be updated regularly and innovative teams will be
able to work directly with Company experts and specialists.

The Open Innovations website also encourages applications for funding from
the Severstal Ventures corporate fund, promotes the capabilities of the
Severstal Technopark and provides information on the start of the next wave of
applications to the SteelTech Accelerator as well as the requirements for
online collaboration projects with Severstal’s digital business unit.

Agnes Ritter, Chief Technical Director and Head of the Transformation
department at Severstal, commented:

“Severstal is increasingly attracting more ideas and suggestions on the topic
of innovation. We opened our Technopark a year ago; our SteelTech Accelerator
project was launched this Spring and Severstal Ventures has completed a number
of exciting transactions over the past twelve months. We are now adding to
these tools, with the addition of the Challenges page and Severstal Digital
Business. All of these aspects of our business are now conveniently collated on
one website, enabling visitors to learn about the wide range of possibilities
we offer. We hope that the platform will attract startups and industry experts,
and that together we can make metallurgy a more advanced and technologically
developed industry.”






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