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  • Vase

    1880s Colourless glass with blue and milk-coloured filigree decoration St. Petersburg Imperial Glass Factory History Museum, Moscow

  • Vase

    1860s Colourless glass, milk glass and gold ruby glass with facet-cutting Maltsov Glasshouse History Museum, Moscow

  • Vase.

    17th century. China. Porcelain painted in cobalt blue. 23.4X85 cm.

  • Vase with a lid.

    1760. Vienna, Austria. Porcelain decorated with painting. Height, 39.5 cm. Diameter, 18.8 cm (vase); 17 cm (lid) Mark in underglaze blue: shield

  • Dish, vase and bowl.

    Dish, vase and bowl from Herb set. Lathe-turned wood with herbal design. Painted and designed by G. Volklva. Semyonov. 1979.