At all the times Russia was glorious by its craftsmen. Palekh, Pavlovo, Zhostovo, Gus-Khrustalny — these are only a few centers of famous Russian crafts situated in these places. No doubt, folk handymen prove out the meaning of the words «Applied and Decorative Arts».

Shawls Russia.

Each of these handyworks is a unique creation which at the same time could and must be used in everyday life. Any home will be decorated by a salver and kitchen implements with Zhostovo-painting: against a dark background the flowers of fairytale beauty blossom. A gorgeous gift to any home is lacy napkin and towel embroidered by mistresses of needlework of Pereslavl. If you have decided to” spring a surprise, don’t ignore elegant finift (enamel) ornamentals — native Russian technology of enamel painting. While production of the ornamentals and the caskets a famous Palekh painting is used.

folk crafts

A woman and a loom.

Curious varnished miniatures are not only illustrations to the epics and tales, these are individual masterpieces of art. A colorful kerchief from the Pavlovsky Posad on any woman is not worse than any other ornamental. And bring from the journey a toy for your child — cute carved in wood animal, manikin or earthenware penny-whistle.

 A painted house.

Sergiev Posad traditionally is glorious by toy production. Famous Russian matrioshka also was born here. Having been brought from Japan as a toy «with a secret», it changed and became a red-cheek Russian beauty, one of the symbols of Russia. Professionalism and folk-customs are combined in the handywork of glass-blowers of Gus-Khrustalny. Every edge of the unique creations made by t masters of the «crystal hea Russia is glittering with m of sparks.

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