Day: March 29, 2014

  • Heritage of the masters

    At all the times Russia was glorious by its craftsmen. Palekh, Pavlovo, Zhostovo, Gus-Khrustalny — these are only a few centers of famous Russian crafts situated in these places. No doubt, folk handymen prove out the meaning of the words «Applied and Decorative Arts». Each of these handyworks is a unique creation which at the […]

  • Protected area

    The Volga’s vast and calm rivers, wide fields and dense forests, relict oak groves and bottom-land meadows of the Klyazma river… Meshchera, Zalesie, Opolie… The nature of these places is praised in songs by Russian poets and immortalized by famous painters. Travelling along the Golden Ring you may see the true value of the delightful […]

  • Charm of the Russian villages

    It seems that in the small central Russian towns and villages time passes more slowly. It keeps untouched not only the ancient stones of the monasteries and cathedrals but the way of life as well. Exactly this feeling the tourist is overtaken by having entered one of the towns described below. The unique atmosphere, majestic […]

  • Bogolubovo. Gus-Khrustalny

    Closer to Vladimir along an old channel of the Klyazma river a small village Bogolubovo is located. Behind the stone fence with towers the Bogolubov Monastery rises. Its ensemble still preserves the ancient princes castle of the 12th century. Long time ago it was famous by its fairy magnificence compared with the Solo¬mon Temple in […]

  • Vladimir

    For a long time Vladimir has been the capital of the Old Russia. Nowadays the solemnity and originality of its architecture will bring you to the atmosphere of a big medieval Russian city. The symbol of the city is represented by the Golden Gates, which were the front entrance to the city. This is the […]

  • Suzdal

    Suzdal meets its guests with the golden dome glitter and the tolling of bells. Its history counts almost 1000 years. It is the reserve of Russian antiquity, museum-town under the open air. There are about 300 historic and architectural monuments. Four of them is protected by the UNESCO, such as the Rozhdestvensky Cathedral of the […]

  • Kostroma

    More then 700 years the mirror of the Volga River surface reflects the golden magnificence of the Ipatyevsky Monastery, which is the pearl of Russian architecture on Kostroma land. Kostroma is an ancient city. During its existence it have seen wars and distempers, conflagration and famine, and it is closely connect to the formation of […]

  • Yaroslavl

    One of the most picturesque cities of the Golden Ring, the city of Yaroslavl celebrates its 1000th anniversary. It was founded at the high bank of the Kotorosl River, where it meets with the Volga River. Buildings of different times and styles form the organic architectural ensembles. The antiquity and the present create the unique […]

  • Uglich

    An ancient town on the great Russian Volga River is Uglich. One may call it a town-monument. Different historical periods of Russia are reflected in the architectural view of the town. Here the following masterpieces of Old-Russian architecture are to be seen: the Prince’s Palace, the Uspenskaya Church, the ensemble of Voskresensky Monastery. The St’ […]

  • Rostov Velikiy

    Less then an hour will take you to get to Rostov Velikiy from Yaroslavl, and here on the bank of Lake Nero it stands for more than thousand years. The white-stoned walls of Rostov’s Kremlin are reflected in the deep waters of the lake. It is the symbol and the pride of the town. Thousand […]

  • Pereslavl-Zalessky

    At a distance of 130 km from Moscow one of the ancient towns of Russia, the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky is situated. It is situated on the shore of Lake Pleshcheevo. The lake is almost oval and has the marvellous beauty and purity. It called as «cradle» of Russian fleet. Just here the first Russian fleet […]

  • Sergiev Posad

      Sergiev Posad is called as «Russian Vatican» and considered to be the main center of Holy Russia. The Orthodox Russian history revives here under the tolling of bells. The distant past inseparably linked with the history of Trinity-Sergius monastery, founded by Sergey Radonezhsky in the 14th century. Now it is the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius […]

  • Travelling into the centuries

      The perfect opportunity to explore an ancient Russia is to start the journey along the Golden Ring, the most popular travel destination. During the years of its existence millions of people have made this symbolic circle, where the ancient cities of the Central Russia are united. All of them considered to be a treasure-house […]