Narva Triumphal Arch: Ploshchad Stachek (Square of Strikes).

Ploshchad Stachek (Square of Strikes)

This is a memorial to the heroic Russian people who defended their Motherland from Napoleon’s armed hordes in 1812—1814.
The arch was erected in 1814, somewhat to the north of the present site, on the occasion of the triumphal welcome given to the Guards regiments returning from Paris.
The former wooden gate (designed by the architect D. Quarenghi) was later (in 1834) replaced by a granite and brick arch encased in bronze (architect V. P. Stasov). The sculptural decorations were created by the sculptors S. S. Pimenov, V. I. Demut-Malindvsky and P. K. Klodt.





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