Rostov Velikiy

Velikiy Rostov

Less then an hour will take you to get to Rostov Velikiy from Yaroslavl, and here on the bank of Lake Nero it stands for more than thousand years. The white-stoned walls of Rostov’s Kremlin are reflected in the deep waters of the lake. It is the symbol and the pride of the town.

Russian skating.

Thousand of tourists and Old-Russian times admirers come here for looking the Kremlin’s architectural ensemble. The richest memorial collection of the ancient Old-Russian art is kept here: unique collections of icons, needleworks, art masterpieces and graphics. Also one of the greatest collection of the famous Rostov enamel and enamel miniatures are shown in the Rostov’s Kremlin Museum.There are about 2.5 thousand miniatures here.

The five-domed Assumption (Uspensky) Cathedral raises at the Cathedral Square. It is the oldest building of the town, built five centuries ago. This Cathedral attracts tourists not only by its antiquity, but by the famous Rostov tolling bells.

The Nature Of Rostov

All the 15 ancient bells are completely preserved on its belfry. The largest one is the Golodar that weighs over 3 tons. The smallest brothers of the bell such as hand bells and small bells are not deprived of the attention in Rostov.

It is impossible to imagine the classical Russian Troika without them. These necessary harness attributes could be seen in the special exposition of the Kremlin’s museum.

Casket of manual work

Women's national costume





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