4 in 10 Russians Say Country on the Wrong Track – Survey

Four out of 10 Russians believe their country is going in the wrong direction, a poll by the independent Levada Center polling agency said.

Approval for Russia’s direction peaked at 61 percent in 2008 – the tail end of the economic boom – and at 60 percent shortly after the Crimean annexation in 2014. It reached a 12-year low early this year at 45 percent.

Some 40 percent of respondents said they think that Russia is on the “wrong course,” according to Levada’s results published on Friday.

Almost half approved of Russia’s direction while 11 percent had no answer.

President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating has remained consistent at 66 percent this year, but has fallen by 13 percent compared to May 2018.

Levada conducted its survey among 1,616 respondents in 50 Russian regions between May 24 and May 29.






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