Blogger Summoned For Questioning Over Children’s Book Excerpt

A Krasnodar-based blogger has been summoned for questioning after sharing an excerpt from a Soviet children’s novel, the human rights NGO Open Russia reported Monday.

Mikhail Malakhov, an administrator of the VKontakte social media group “Radical Dreamers,” had posted an excerpt from chapter 31 of Nicholas Nosov’s science fiction novel “Dunno on the Moon.”

The March 28 post is being examined for violating article 282 of Russia’s Criminal Code: instigating hatred against the social category “policemen,” Open Russia reported, citing the prosecutor’s office. Malakhov was called in for questioning on Oct. 6 after police were anonymously tipped off about a post containing extremism.

The excerpt from Nicholas Nosov’s science fiction novel “Neznaika on the Moon,” refers to police as “bandits” who rob citizens, spontaneously invent laws and only defend the rights of the wealthy elite.

“A lot has been and will be banned in my country: a few sloppy words, and suddenly you’re an extremist,” the blogger told Open Russia.

The VKontakte group “Radical Dreamers” aims to protect consumers’ rights.

“Neznaika on the Moon” was published in 1964 and was largely accepted as a critique of Western capitalism. The title character’s name “Neznaika” translates as “Dunno” or “Know-nothing.”