Child Killed in Russian Strike Against Ukraine’s Kharkiv Region

A two-month-old baby was killed and three others were injured Tuesday in a Russian strike on northeastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, officials said.

“Around 2:30 am, a three-story hotel was destroyed in Zolochiv… following two S-300 missile strikes,” Kharkiv region Governor Oleg Sinegubov said, adding that the child’s mother was among the injured and was hospitalized. 

The village of Zolochiv is just under 20 kilometers from Ukraine’s border with Russia.

Some 30 buildings were damaged in the attack, including cafes, a market, pharmacies and a hotel, Ukrainian law enforcement officials said. 

Police released a photo showing rescue workers attempting to pull people from rubble in the darkness.

Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region has come under regular shelling and missile strikes since Kyiv’s forces regained control over much of the region in late 2022.

In a separate incident, officials in the southern Kherson region said overnight Russian shelling killed a 59-year-old in Novotyagynka, a village on the western bank of the Dnipro river, the de facto frontline in the south of the country.






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