Iran Delivered Ammunition to Russia on Caspian Sea Cargo Ships – Report

Iran has supplied large quantities of bullets, rockets and mortar shells to Russia for use in Ukraine, Sky News reported Wednesday, citing a security source. 

The deliveries were reportedly made by two Russian-flagged cargo ships that traveled from Iran to the Russian port of Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea earlier this year.

Tehran has emerged as one of Moscow’s major international backers in the Ukraine war, appearing to supply crucial military equipment for the Russian Armed Forces that have suffered repeated military defeats in the year-long conflict. 

The Iranian cargo, which Sky News said was transferred in January, likely included about 100 million bullets, 300,000 shells and 10,000 flak jackets and helmets. 

“Iran sent two cargo ships… carrying approximately 200 new shipping containers that contained ammunition for the Russian fighting in Ukraine,” Sky News quoted their security source as saying.

The media outlet did not identify which country the security source was from. 

Western and Ukrainian officials last year accused Iran of supplying large quantities of drones to Russia, which were used by Moscow to attack Ukrainian energy infrastructure. 

Iran has not only used boats, but also the state-owned airline, to move military equipment to Russia, according to Western media reports

Russian officials have previously denied purchasing Iranian military equipment. 






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