Kazakhstan Arrests Yakutian Activist for 1 Year Over Kremlin’s Extradition Request

A court in Kazakhstan’s largest city Almaty has ordered Yakutian anti-war activist and musician Aykhal Ammosov to one year of extradition arrest, his lawyer said on social media. 

“I’m not surprised [by this decision],” Ammosov’s lawyer Murat Adam wrote on Instagram on Thursday. 

Ammosov, a Russian national hailing from the republic of Sakha (Yakutia), was arrested and sent to a detention center in Almaty in October in connection with an extradition request issued by Russian authorities.

At home, 31-year-old Ammosov is accused of “incitement to commit acts of terrorism” — a crime punishable by up to seven years in prison.

Earlier this month, Kazakh authorities granted Ammosov asylum-seeker status, which means his extradition to Russia will not be legally possible until the final decision on his asylum application is made. 

Lawyer Murat Adam confirmed on social media that he will move to appeal the Thursday court ruling. 






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