Moscow’s Best English Language Bookstores


Bookbridge might be Moscow’s biggest bookshop specializing in foreign books – mostly English but also Spanish, German, French, Swedish and Italian, as well as other languages. They carry textbooks, lots of albums, kiddie lit, fiction and non-fiction in paper, audio, and electronic formats. If you don’t want to tramp around Zamoskvorechye — although why anyone would not want to tramp around that relatively untouched area south of the river is a mystery — you can order online.

7 Bolshaya Tatarskaya Ulitsa. Metro Novokuznetskaya.


Relod touts itself as the biggest store for studying foreign languages in Moscow, and they may be right. They have an abundance of textbooks and training programs and materials for primarily English but also French and Spanish. But if you’ve already mastered English, you’ll be interested in their particularly large assortment of English-language fiction for adults and children and non-fiction covering every subject imaginable, but especially Russian and British culture and history, the social sciences, and the arts.

26 Posledny Pereulok, but entrance between houses 23 and 25 on Bolshoi Golovin Pereulok. Metro Sukharevskaya and internet purchases here.