Most Russians Have Ditched Remote Working 

Most Russians who switched to remote working during the coronavirus pandemic have already returned to the office, according to a survey of employees cited by the RBC news site.

The poll found that just a quarter of Russians started working from home during the pandemic, and that more than half of those have now returned to the office completely. Another 15% are continuing in a mixed format, combining working from the office and home. 

In total, just 8% of Russian employees are currently working fully remotely, the survey found.

Mobility trackers showed that despite having one of the strictest lockdown regimes on paper, major Russian cities remained some of the most active in the world at the height of both the first and second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Russia. The country has now lifted almost all of its coronavirus-related restrictions as cases fall and the vaccination campaign continues.

The survey found that 5% of Russian workers said they have been working from home continuously since the start of the pandemic March 2020.

The picture of a return to normality differs starkly with the situation in many European countries, where strict lockdowns are in place and many governments have tightened measures in recent weeks to try to thwart another spike in infections.

Despite the rush back to the office, remote working proved popular among those who tried it, with three-quarters of Russians saying they would like to continue remote working in some format once the pandemic is over.






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