Relatives of MH17 Victims Call on Russia to ‘Stop Playing Games’

A group of 15 relatives of the victims of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 staged a silent protest outside the Russian Embassy in The Hague on Sunday, calling on Moscow to take responsibility for the deadly downing three years ago.

The protesters sat outside the embassy for an hour, bringing with them a bench with a plaque reading: “Waiting for responsibility and full clarity,” and below, in Russian, “Humanity over politics.”

They also delivered an open letter to the embassy, a copy of which was published by NOS, the Dutch broadcaster.

The letter calls for Russia to co-operate with the investigation into the perpetrators of the fatal downing of Flight MH17 in July 2014.

“We know that this nation is hiding or protecting witnesses and is not sharing relevant information,” the letter reads. “Even worse, we know this nation is manipulative and presents official ‘information’ that is demonstrably false.”