Russia Tests New Missile Defense System, Military Says

Russia has tested a new unidentified missile at a launch site where the country had previously test-launched missiles designed to protect Moscow’s airspace, the Russian military said.

The Russian Defense Ministry test-launched its anti-ballistic missile at the Sary-Shagan missile testing site in Kazakhstan at least twice in 2018. Those tested missiles had been deployed to protect Moscow — whose missile defense capability consists of the A-135 system armed with nuclear-tipped short-range interceptors — from potential air attacks.

Video published by the Defense Ministry-run Zvezda television channel on Tuesday shows the unnamed system being transported, loaded and launched into the air.

“The air and missile defense crew of the Russian Aerospace Forces has successfully conducted another test launch of a new Russian missile defense system at Sary-Shagan,” the ministry was quoted as saying by the state-run TASS news agency.

The missile hit its target with precision, it said.

The Defense Ministry did not name the missile that was tested.






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