Russian Cars

Russian Cars

The Russian cars history and auto industry of Russia went and still going through the ups and downs. The first historical evidence of the Russian automotive industry associated with the names Yakovlev and Frese. These engineers presented a first Russia vehicle in the Arts-Industrial Exhibition in 1896. These were the industrial boom years. Russia was developing military shipbuilding, locomotives, and the arms industry. Over time, highly qualified personnel, modern equipment for that time and technology gave impetus to the development of auto industry. The first small-batch production of the Russian cars began in 1899 on the Russian-Baltic railroad car repair plant. Car’s model was named RussoBalt.

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A lot of time has passed science then. You often meet foreign cars on the streets of Russian cities than the Russian cars. Today, many plants in Russia produced an assembly of foreign cars. After all, Russia is experiencing a real car boom in recent years. Here are Russian car’s brands you will see on the street of Moscow…


VAZ russian carVAZ

VAZ is Volga automobile plant is Russian company specializing in the manufacture of passenger cars Lada, Zhiguli and Niva. Its headquarters are located in Tolyatti, Samara Region. Construction of the plant began in 1967. First consignment, which was designed to produce 220 thousand cars a year, was commissioned in 1971. The prototype for the VAZ-2101 was the Fiat 124.

Russian car VAZ

During the Soviet period the VAZ produced nine models, including the most popular models Pervaya (The first), Shestaya (The sixth) and Devyataya (The ninth), which is with leading the front wheels.

After the Soviet Union collapse, AvtoVAZ, like all other domestic industrial giants entered a complete restructuring of its operations. The crisis was prolonged, but by the mid 90’s AvtoVAZ managed to turn the tide gradually and began to increase production.

Russian car Lada Priora

Lada Priora

Currently Russian markets are getting seized by Korean and Japanese cars due the relatively low quality of Lada. As a result, AvtoVAZ is taking steps to counter the market competition. For present days VAZ produces more than 50% of the total number of passenger cars Russian.

AvtoVAZ official website

Russian car GAZGAZ

GAZ, Gorky Automobile Plant, for over 70 years of its history has become the center of the Russian car engineering industry. The plant’s staff has developed more than 100 different models and modifications of vehicles, produced over 16 million cars and trucks.

Russian car Volga

Today GAS holds a special place in the Russian automotive industry. This car factory, the only in the country, produces both trucks and passenger cars. Gorky automobile remains a traditional supplier of trucks for agriculture, reliable four-wheel drive trucks for the Russian army, as well as passenger cars of the middle class Volga, modifications are designed to operate in harsh Russian weather and road conditions. The share of the GAZ plant in car production in Russia is: cars – 7.6%, trucks – 57%, buses – 46.4%.

In recent years, GAZ produced new models like GAZel, Sobol (Sable), Sobol-Barguzin, Sadko, various modifications of the Volga. GAS is actively cooperating in the development of new products with foreign companies.

GAZ official website

Russian car UAZUAZ

UAZ, Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant was founded in 1942 on the basis of the evacuated part of the equipment Moscow ZIL plant. Already in February the same year, plant assembled the first car, and in 1943 the production has already reached 4000. After the World War II the factory launched production of the famous UAZ on the basis of GAZ-69. In 1972 the plant started mass production of SUVs UAZ-469 and UAZ-469B.

Russian car UAZ Patriot

In the years of Socialism UAZ provided to the Soviet army and the armies of the Warsaw Pact fairly reliable and unpretentious SUVs, which operated both in terms of good roads, and in the impassable mud. The plant fell on hard times after the Soviet Union collapsed. However UAZ got out of the crisis and gradually began to increase its production of the vehicles.

In 2003 UAZ started the production of the cars in Vietnam, and in August 2005 started mass production of fundamentally new SUV UAZ Patriot, which by virtue of competing with many foreign SUVs.

UAZ official website

Russian car IZHIZH

IZH, Izhevsk Automobile Plant is part of Russian history. For forty years Izhevsk Automobile Plant has produced more than 4 million cars and took the evolutionary path of the Moskvich car brand to cutting-edge brands. In the period from 2000 to 2005 IzhAvto mastered the seven models: IZH-2126 Oda and its pick-up modification IZH-2717 (2000), IZH-2106 (2001), IZH-2104 (2002), wagon IZH -21261 Fabula (2004), 2005 – KIA Spectra, and a new van IZH-27175 (2005).

In 2005 the plant implemented the project to produce cars KIA Spectra under license from KIA Motors Corporation. In 2005-2006, the productions line IzhAvto descended almost 30 thousands of “modern Russian cars” KIA Spectra. Due to this model, the brand KIA appreciated in Russia.Russian KIA

Strategic alliance of Izhevsk automobile with KIA Motors Corporation was named as one of the most successful in the modern automotive industry. In late 2006-early 2007, the plant has put on the production of two models of KIA – Rio and Sorento.

However, IzhAvto continues to manufacture of domestic models in affordable price ranges – VAZ-2104 station wagon and van IZH-27175. The plant is constantly improving these models, and plans to release them in the next few years.

IZH official website

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