Russian Investigators Say Received 143 Missing Persons Reports After Concert Attack

Russian investigators have received more than 140 missing persons reports after last week’s deadly concert hall attack near Moscow.

The official death toll from Friday night’s mass killing at the Crocus City Hall music venue stood at 140 as of Wednesday afternoon, while another 360 people were listed as wounded. 

Islamic State affiliate ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for the attack, and 11 people were arrested over the weekend in connection to the incident, including four suspected gunmen who were caught trying to flee Russia.

Russia’s Investigative Committee, which probes major crimes, said it had received 143 missing persons reports “from victims” of the deadly shooting who say their relatives and loved ones remain missing.

Authorities have so far identified 84 bodies, including those of five children aged between 9 and 16, the Investigative Committee said.

The identities of the remaining victims are being established through genetic tests, it added.

The law enforcement agency also said it was examining Crocus City Hall’s fire safety and anti-terrorism measures as part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Law enforcement agents were said to be searching through the suspect gunmen’s personal electronic devices to determine how they planned the attack, the Investigative Committee said.






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