Russian Scientist Predicts Plummet in Global Life Expectancy

Humans’ life expectancy will fall drastically in the coming decades, a prominent Russian medical scientist said Friday.

“A man couldn’t live more than 20 years because of new viral diseases,” Irina Chukayeva told, adding her estimate was based on irrefutable facts and detailed research.”

In two decades, only two new antibiotics had been created while the number of new viruses and bacteria rose, Chukayeva said.

The pace of scientific research in pharmacology lags behind the emergence of new viral strains, the 67-year-old cardiologist and member of the Russian Public Chamber, warned.

Chukayeva frequently publishes predictions on the future of mankind. In 2014, she warned that 10 percent of global population would suffer from diabetes by 2030.

Twenty years would be a normal life expectancy in the so-called “post-antibiotic epoch,” she estimated.

The average human’s life expectancy is now over 71, according to the World Health Organization.