Russian State Watchdog Officials Charged With Fraud

The head of Roskomnadzor, the state agency that oversees media and functions as a censor, and two other officials have been charged with fraud.

Alexander Veselchak, chief of staff of Roskomnadzor, Vadim Ampelonsky, press secretary for the agency, and Boris Yedidin, head of its legal department, have been charged with fraud under Article 159-4 of the Russian Criminal Code, news website VC reported, citing a source familiar with the case.

A Moscow City Court entry shows that Veselchakov’s case was registered Oct. 5, and a judge ruled that he be placed under house arrest, but the charge is not indicated. Notices at the same court indicate that petitions for the arrests of Ampelonsky and Yedidin were declined.

Ampelonsky and Veselchakov have not come to work for a week, an unidentified source told VC.