Tag: E.G. Gilels

  • E.G. Gilels

    E.G. Gilels plays for soldiers at the front (1942).

  • E.G. Gilels and Ya.I. Zak

    E.G. Gilels and Ya.I. Zak, winners of the International Piano Competitions in Vienna and Brussels (1938). In the centre is S.Ye. Feinberg (1936)

  • A.I. Yampolsky (centre).

    A.I. Yampolsky (centre) with his pupils and participants in the Eugene Ysaye Intrnational Violin Competition in Brussel: M.S. kozolupova, D.F. Oistrakh, A.B. Dyakov, E.G. Gilels, M.I. Fichtengolz, B.E. Goldstein and the Sovet Embassy representative in Brussels (1937).