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  • The new theatre. Engraving end of the 19th eyelid.

    The first images of a new building of opera and ballet theater in Odessa.

  • The Odessa Opera and Ballet House

  • Odessa

    Water in Odessa was always a thorny problem. The water was first taken from wells or brought by barges from Kherson, while special underground cisterns accumulated rainwater from the roofs. This is why some of the older houses have roofs with one sharp incline towards the courtyard where the rain would drop into special collectors.…

  • Odessa

    The city of Odessa lies on the Black Sea coast in the Bay of Odessa, at the point where the sea and steppe meet. It has a population of over one million – Ukrainians, Moldavians, Bulgarians, Jews, Belorussians and others-more than forty nationalities in all. The city occupies a territory of 160 square kilometers. Odessa…