U.S. President-Elect Joe Biden’s Visits to Russia, In Photos

Like most of the world, Moscow has been anticipating the U.S. presidential election results, which were finally projected Saturday after days of vote-counting.

With former Vice President Joe Biden set to replace President Donald Trump in the White House in January, there could be new opportunities to reshape the U.S.-Russia relationship, which has chilled to post-Cold-War lows since 2016.

Throughout the 2020 campaign, Biden has promised to restore Washington’s role on the international stage and has called Russia an “opponent” of the U.S. Unlike Trump, Biden has not faced accusations of benefitting from Russian election interference, and as a result would presumably have more range to prevent ties with Russia from deteriorating even further. But with domestic issues like the economy and the coronavirus high on the U.S. agenda, it’s unclear how much time a Biden administration will have to dedicate to Russia.

Biden himself has traveled to Russia several times throughout the decades, with his first visit in 1973 as a newly elected senator and his most recent visit in 2011 as vice president.

Here’s a look back at the President-elect during some of his past trips:






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