Yulia Navalnaya Calls for Election Day Protest Against Putin

Yulia Navalnaya has called on her late husband’s supporters to protest against President Vladimir Putin and the invasion of Ukraine by turning up to polling places “at noon” on the final day of Russia’s upcoming election.

In January, Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, who died at an Arctic penal colony last month, announced the protest action — dubbed “Noon Against Putin” — urging voters to go to polling places midday on March 17, the third and final day of Russia’s presidential vote.

“I want to do what [Alexei] thought was right, and I urge everyone to come to his memory,” Navalnaya said in a video published Wednesday.

She called on voters to cast their ballot for any candidate besides Putin, deface their ballot or simply stand at polling places and then leave. 

Navalnaya also urged supporters to persuade at least one other person to take part in the election day protest action.

“This will be your personal contribution to the common cause. There are probably many people close to you who are against Putin and against the war,” she said.

Putin is all but guaranteed secure his fifth overall presidential term in the March 15-17 election, as he faces no real opposition on the ballot.






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