Obelisk at the Place of A. S. Pushkin’s Duel: Kolomyazhskoye Chaussee (Highway).

Chornaya Rechka (the Black Brook)
Here, in the vicinity of the Chornaya Rechka (the Black Brook), on January 27, 1837, A. S. Pushkin fought a duel with D’Anthes. The mortally wounded poet was brought by his friends lo his last residence (Naberezhnaya Reki Moiki 12; 12, Moika Embankment).
On the centenary of the poet’s death a simple obelisk was set up on a plot surrounded by poplars and willows. The obelisk is made of rose i;ranite and bears a bronze bas-relief of the great poet. The monument is designed by the sculptor M. G. Manizer and the architect A. I. Lapirov.


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