Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Saint Petersburg, Politehnicheskaya street, 29

D. K. Chernov, the physicist N. G. Yegorov and the ship-builder A. N. Krylov were among the founders of this great polytechnical college. The ensemble of the institute buildings was erected in 1901 according to the design submitted by the architect E. F. Vfrrich.
The more politically advanced students and the progressive-minded teachers of the Polytechnical Institute participated in the revolutionary movement.
In December 1905 V. I. Lenin came to the Institute to examine the secret workshop where bombs were made. Late in April 1906 V. I. Lenin again visited the Institute where he gave an account of the activities of the 4th Party Congress at a general city meeting of the Petersburg organization of the Russian Socialist-Democratic Labour Party. On May 17, 1917, V. I. Lenin addressed a meeting of students and workers of the Aivaz Plant held in the building of the Institute.
The Institute has seen the origin and development of several world-famous scientific technical schools headed by such outstanding men of science as the Heroes of Socialist Labour, Academicians M. A. Pavlov, A. A. Baikov, B. G. Galerkin, A. F. Yoffe and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the U. S. S. R. — M. A. Shatelen.
It was here, too, that the training of Soviet specialists in the fields of automation, telemechanics, atomic techniques, semiconductors and radio physics was started for the first time in the history of the country. During the years of Soviet power more than 30,000 specialists have graduated from the Institute.
The scientists and students (more than 11,000 in number) are working energetically to contribute to the strengthening of the ties between science and the technology of production; they help the mechanical engineers and metallurgists, the radio mechanics and power workers of Saint Petersburg solve more and more complex problems of technical progress.
Adress : Russia, 195251, Saint Petersburg, Politehnicheskaya street, 29


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