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    Ladoga Canal. Canalis Ladogenis nova Delineatio secundum exemplar Petropolitanum aeri incidit Matthaeus Seutter, Sac. Caes. Maj. Georg. Aug.V. Cum Priv.Sumi Vicariat in part Rheni, Franc. et Seuv. juris. (Augsburg, 1740-1750s). Scale approximately 1:150 000. Focused on the north-west.

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    The ship will cover more than 70 kilometers up the river and reach the Ladoga Lace, with gives source to the Neva river, carrying its swift waters into the Gult of Finland. 20 kilometers away from the river terminal there’s a settlement Ust-lzhora, situated on the right bank of the river. Here in 1240 the…