Happiness in a new home.

If you want to live in harmony with nature, where in the summer – green grass, and in winter the glittering white snow, where in the morning the birds chirping and rustling the leaves on the trees, where you can feel the master “family nest” – build a house.

in a new home

And yet – what is it, the perfect home? Original Russian has always been considered the felling of logs of pine, cedar or spruce. On Ochakov plant serves the house of Russian timber, timber frame house, paneled “block-house” and Finnish wooden houses. Many domestic and European technology cannot compete with more than 100 years of tradition in the production and construction of wooden houses in Finland. The secret of the Finns in climates with long cold winters, which it turns out is the most durable wood, and in the technology of their production, including the selection and harvesting, drying, processing, treatment, adjustment, and many other operations. The process is designed to detail and ensures the highest quality.

wooden house

House of solid or glued laminated timber horizontal or vertical bonding, round solid logs, as well as rare laminated logs. The house, built of such materials are excellent natural circulation of air, environmentally friendly, virtually no shrinkage.





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