Pulkov Observatory

Old photo

In 1942 the Pulkovo Observatory on the Pnlkovo Heights was utterly destroyed by fascist bombs and shells. In 1962 the Observatory, restored and reconstructed on new technical principles, carries out an extensive programme of astronomic investigations.

The observatorv is stuated on the Pulkov Heights on the Pulkov meridian. It is the principal observatory of the Russia. Academv of Sc’ences. The observatory enjoys world-wide fame and is called the ‘astrononrc capital of the world’. The building of the observatory was erected in the 1830’s to the design of the arch;tect A. P. Brvul-I6v. Since it was opened in 1839, the observatory has played a leading part in Russ’an geodesy; the work of Pulkov scientists on astral study has won recognition all over the world.
During the war the fascists destroyed Pulkovo in a most barbarous way. Now the observatory is restored, thoroughly rebuilt and eauipped with the most up-to-date instruments and apparata. The scientific workers have recently made a great contribution to the study of the cosmos by observing the Russianartifical earth satellites (‘sputniks’) and space ships.
The Pulkov Heights are an unusual memorial of the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War. In November 1917 the Red Army routed General Krasnov’s counter-revolutionary troops, and; in October 1919 checked the advance of Yudenich’s shock group who had launched an offensive against Petrograd.
In 1944 the troops of the Saint Petersburg front broke ‘ the fascist line of defence at the Pulkov Heights and dealt a decisive blow against the fascists.





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