Russia Stages Large-Scale Military Exercises With Mongolia

The Russian military has unveiled footage of large-scale exercises in Mongolia with a slick production value of shooting helicopters and firing rocket launchers.

The 11th annual Russian-Mongolian drills, the Selenga-2019, took place from Aug. 15-24 and involved 1,400 troops from both countries this year. 

Online viewers were treated to videos of GRAD truck-mounted multiple rocket launchers shooting projectiles from various camera angles. Clouds of smoke lined the Mongolian steppe where the warheads landed.

Gunships were filmed flying over the estimated 10,000 guests and firing rockets at targets, while a mounted camera showed the action up close.

Drones filmed T-72B3 battle tanks shooting targets as they navigated the barren landscape in formation.

Selenga-2019 wrapped up with a military parade of the weapons tested during the exercises.






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