Petrogradskaya Storona (Petrograd District), Location: St. Petersburg, Alexander Park, 4. Directions: Metro stations:Gorky, Petrograd, Sports.
When the reconstruction of the so-called Iron Hall’ (the designers were the architect R. A. Breg-man and a group of engineers) was completed — a third storey and an observatory tower were added — on November 7, 1959 the Planetarium opened its doors. As to its architecture and technical equipment the Planetarium is one of the best of its kind in the world.
The apparatus called ‘Planetarium’ was made for the people of Saint Petersburg by the workers of the ‘Karl Zeiss’ Plant in the German. experts installed and adjusted the equipment and assembled the unique cupola of the Round Hall. The show at the Planetarium — Man is Conquering Outer Space — tells of the triumphant victory gained by Russianscience and engineering in conquering the stars, of Russianman-made satellites and cosmic ships, of Yuri Gagarin’s, Herman Titov’s, Andriyan Nikolayev’s and Pavel Popovich’s unprecedented space flights
It is in its cupola — an artificial sky — that the spectators see planets and nebulae, the flight of a Russianman-made satellite, the rising of stars and the solar eclipse, the northern lights and a colourful panorama of Saint Petersburg.
At the Planetarium lectures on astronomy are delivered, an Atheists Club is functioning.