Simple wooden home

A simple form of comfort
Several thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese sages said: if a man does not struggle with nature and live in harmony with it, the quality of life is significantly improved. They found also that the most beneficial life in the house, which faces to the sun, protected from all troubles with dense forest and slowly flowing stream.


wooden home

The authors of the project: architects A. Kirakira, S. Ozhogin (company HANDSWEL)

The story presented on these pages is the house I want to begin with the garden, a small pond and forest. Because the need to create a green area at home or near a characteristic of people of different ages and professions. The love of plants is not just a hobby, but also an opportunity to get acquainted with interesting and unpredictable world of living nature. How wonderful to walk around this garden, where you can enjoy a variety of scents of woods and herbs, to admire the reflections in the water and hear the joyful singing of birds, but most importantly, here you can relax, recharge your life energy.

wooden veranda

A large wooden veranda

The owners of the house had in mind not a mansion or a Chalet, but a very ordinary suburban cottage with lilac, Jasmine and always with a large veranda, on which they will collect guests. Chose this wonderful place for a special atmosphere, relaxed and welcoming. There are few deaf fences, and glowing evening like Windows is kind of an extraordinary life.

wooden door
Parade of the wooden door.

Coming into the house, understand that its space is filled with a measured noise of the forest and streams of fresh air; this space exudes peace and serenity imprison peaceful, natural colors and materials. In the home environment dominated by wood. Because, as you know, the tree breathes, so the house is optimal for a man microclimate. Good heat-insulating properties of wood are favorable for the creation of a comfortable environment in the home. Walls, changing shades from svetlorozovogo to pustozyorovo depending on the lighting, large rectangles of Windows, light niches, no walls between the kitchen and large dining room – it looks like an open space that can be enjoyed with complete comfort. The decoration of the facade perfectly combines the natural beauty of wood, the same color and texture of the walls, and inside the house.

Tnetesanov beam
The rafter man from netesanov beam.

Against the background of these walls look especially beautiful plants in large tubs. Strict vertical window and door openings dominant balance in the design of quiet horizontally. Regular life is quite suitable large terrace, which can be a long time to contemplate the incomprehensible magic of nature.

The design solution combines extreme simplicity and thoughtful functionality. However, restraint design house has nothing to do with the refined minimalism, his captivating simplicity not binding, suggesting complete surrender. Massive leather furniture in the living room is wonderful for her. Although the skin is not a traditional attribute of a rural house, here it is completely relevant, because in a country house in the first place – practicality. Well, and what could be more practical for the skin? It all goes perfectly among themselves without disturbing communal harmony.

wooden staircase
A spiral wooden staircase

In a country or rustic style, the details are important, not less, than in any other. Carved or woven boxes, chests or chandeliers with fittings create a charming flavor of antiquity. In this interior look great ceramic things, especially without irrigation glaze is matte, ground, though dusty from time to time. Dry flowers, live flowers, bunches of herbs, tied with colored threads – these little things and synthesize the interior atmosphere of the country.

The kitchen

The kitchen is made of wood and stone.
The kitchen is made of wood and stone.

The second floor is a large and cosy attic, win-win option for the interior of a country house. Low sloping ceilings, window openings in them is the source of romantic inspiration.
The bedroom on the second floor looks like a bedroom in a small hunting Lodge. Form of furniture made of solid wood traditional and original at the same time. A small Cabinet by the window and a Desk made from old samples.

Solid wooden interior elements
Solid wooden interior elements in combination with a large white fireplace.

The window over the sink
The window over the sink allows you to save electricity.

Here, in this house, clearly, poosala, almost physically felt the true meaning of such concepts as the rural idyll and the closeness to nature. All of these components of the image of the house harmoniously and seamlessly was simple and elegant formula – the formula of comfort.

Ground floor plan

floor plan

First floor plan

floor plan

Total area – 132,7 m2 1st floor – 83,0 m£ Tambour – 1.5 m2 Hallway – 3,9 m2 Bathroom – 4,2 m2 Kitchen of 18.4 m2 Dining room – 12,1 m2 Living room and 26.8 m2 Pantry – 3.2 m2 Bedroom – 12,6 m2
The area of the 2nd floor -49,7 m2
Bedroom and 19.4 m2 Bathroom – 6,4 m2 Children – 14,8 m2 Hall – 5,8 m2 Staircase – 3.3 m2







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