Wooden house


That wooden Russia revives, today it is obvious to all. Russians appreciate the tree: it is the source of health, and the best material for the construction and works of art. Products made of natural wood are back in use, displacing the surrogates of plastic and fiberboard. Wealthy townspeople and villagers are rediscovering the beauty of Russian log houses, which more and more.

In the vast expanses of Russia, there are relict coniferous forests. From powerful pines, spruces and larches centuries built houses Russians of all classes – from peasant to Emperor. For Russian people, unlike Europeans and Asians (these parts of the world poor forest), so the unique resources available to this day.

Descendants of Vyatichi and Krivichi took into account international experience and launched a high-tech construction of wooden houses made of round logs of large diameter. Today, luxury log to

Now the Russians are increasingly building a good and easy Russian wooden houses. Our architects and builders of the trail traditions of national wooden architecture, enriching their modern achievements of the building art.






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