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Arctic city opens virtual ‘museum of people’ to preserve family history of residents

The project is being implemented thanks to a grant from Norilsk Nickel’s World of New Opportunities

A virtual “Museum of People”, where all those interested will be able to share photos, amateur films and stories related to the past of Norilsk, a city in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Region, above the Arctic Circle, has been opened.

“This is some sort of attempt to create some news feed, which will amass people’s stories, photos, documents and amateur films from family archives, digitized copies of objects from private collections, everything that is related to the history of Greater Norilsk. Now this project is being touted as a promotional website so that people can learn about it. We hope to launch a serious version of this website in June,” Maxim Trofimov, the author of the project, informed TASS on Thursday.

He noted that history is composed of the destinies and efforts of many people. However, they are not always preserved in people’s memories, with history focusing on a handful of well-known names. The “Museum of People” will make it possible to make stories told by ordinary individuals in Norilsk part and parcel of the general chronicle of history.

Residents of Norilsk who are interested in the history of the Arctic city will be able to download files from their archives on that website on their own. Items from various collections will be combined into catalogues and online expositions, which will simplify researchers’ work.

The project is being implemented thanks to a grant from Norilsk Nickel’s World of New Opportunities. Its goal is supporting and promoting regional public initiatives and creating favorable conditions and opportunities for sustainable socio-economic development of the Arctic Circle region.