Russian MPs pressing for Lenin to be laid to rest

The legislators also cited the position of the Russian Orthodox Church that Lenin should have been buried some 25 years ago A group of Russian lawmakers has submitted a bill to the lower house of parliament demanding to remove the remains of Bolshevik revolution leader Vladimir Lenin from Moscow’s Red Square, the press service of…

safety plan

Putin approves Russia’s environmental safety plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree on the country’s environmental safety strategy for the period up to 2025, according to a respective document posted on the online portal of legal information on Thursday. The government has to approve a plan of measures to implement the strategy within three months, the decree says. More:…

into Europe

Spring blossoms under the snow: winter blows back into Europe

Parts of central Europe have experienced “winter comeback” over the past few days Сold weather brought snow to parts of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland and the Balkans. Record low temperatures also hit Central Russia and Ukraine. Take a look at the bizarre weather aftermath in European cities. More: //

Facebook unblocks account of Russian embassy in Slovakia

Facebook unblocks account of Russian embassy in Slovakia

Facebook unblocked the embassy’s account after sorting the situation out and ensuring that the account actually belonged to the Russian embassy Facebook has unblocked the official account of the Russian embassy in Slovakia, the embassy’s spokesperson Nikolai Levshunov told TASS. “The page is available again,” he said. “Unlike the fake account, this page contains truthful…

Scientists study reindeer migration across Putorana Plateau

The Putorana Plateau is a mountainous range south from Russia’s Taymyr Peninsula Scientists of the Siberian Federal University will study migration routes of the reindeer across the Putorana Plateau in the Krasnoyarsk territory, the University’s press service said on Wednesday. The University’s expedition is working in Evenkiya to place seven satellite collars,” the University said.…

Airbnb Checks Out of Russia

The San Francisco rental site Airbnb came to Russia in 2012. It promised to usher in the era of the sharing economy—replacing Soviet-era kommunalkas with hipster apartments. Less than 5 years later, it’s gone.

A Russian All-Righty

Лад is a nice little word. No one seems to know its origins, but it contains notions of order, harmony, and accord – all those good emotions and behaviors that make life not only livable, but peaceful.

An Earful of Russian

When I grow up — or retire, whichever comes first — I want to get a Ph.D. in linguistics by writing a dissertation on The Role of Body Parts in Russian Expressions. This week I’m all ears.