Completely wooden house.

Recipe from time immemorial.
The house, built entirely of wood, as in fact it has been for centuries, and today attracts attention, despite the abundance of technical capacity and a wide range of modern construction technology, and looks very attractive.

wooden house

Design and construction: Fullwood

Presented project «Saaletraum» firm Fullwood (Germany), made of durable glued beam thickness of 20 cm. The natural building material dominates here, not only in appearance: the whole interior is also made of wood. (The project basically involves any other options for interior.) The house was built in the framework of self-construction firms from produced her toolkit.

The project «Saaletraum» has a relatively small area. First floor slightly increased due to the uninhabited, utility room and garage. This made it possible to equip near the entrance to a spacious hall (15.0 m2) located next to the bathroom for guests. The remainder of the first floor is occupied by a large living room – dining room and adjoining kitchen. From the living room opens onto a covered terrace with carved railings.

wooden house

Great clear coat wooden wall background for any furniture-from the simplest to the exquisitely stylish

Wooden staircase

Open gallery in the attic emphasizes the feeling of spaciousness entrance area. There’s also a bedroom area of 18.0 m² with a separate dressing room (10.0 m²) and a guest room. Both of these rooms have access to a wide loggia. Plenty of space in the attic reserved for the bathroom, sauna and shower. Here is a very nice sitting area in this cozy house. The project with a total area of about 140.0 square meters in total provides complete comfort for a family of three. Economic dependance quite roomy, and it avoids the basement.

large windows

Large wooden clock

1 floor plan

Plan 1st floor of the wooden house.

Plan 2 floors

Plan 2 storey wooden house.

Total area – 137.0 m²: Area 1 floor – 75.0 m²: Entrance hall – 6.5 m²: Hall – 15.0 m²: Living-dining room – 42.5 m ²: Kitchen – 10.0 m² :: Bathroom – 1.0 m²: Area 2 floors – 62.0 m²: Bedroom – Wardrobe 18.0 m² – 10.0 m² Guest Room – 9.0 m²: Gallery – 7.0 square meters bathroom – 9.0 m²: shower – 5.0 m² Sauna – 4.0 m²






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