Moskovskiye Vorota Underground Station

old photo

At the entrance to the Metro. The Moskovskye Vorota Underground Station.

The simple and solemn underground hall (by the architects V. A. Petrov, K. M. Mitrofanov and A. I. Goritsky) is devoted to the feats of arms of the Russian people, the decoration echoing the emblems of military glory on the Moscow Triumphal Arch, which was recently restored on its old site. The oblique pylons, faced with aluminium, harmonize well with the smooth, white vault. The whole composition centres on a sculptural group, showing old Russian armour cast with exquisite workmanship and set up at the end wall of the hall.
The entrance vestibule embodies the interesting and original idea put forward by the architects A. K. Andreyev, A. B. Sokolov and B. B. Kudryavtsev; it is built into the base of a four-storey house and is remarkable for the attractively designed concrete visor above the entrance.


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