Those who wish to get their own house in the suburbs increasingly prefer luxury mansions, modest Chalet (Chalet – (FR. chalet), in the Alps is a small rural house in Swiss style. Small cottage (foreign)Iskhodno the word Chalet means “shepherd’s hut”. In addition, the Chalet is in a romantic parks of the XVIII century garden pavilion in the form of rural house, which was made in the pastoral landscape shade. One of the main features of the Chalet are strongly protruding eaves. The walls are made of wood, and modern high-rise buildings, the first floor is often made of plastered brick or stone. Now, many resorts offer holiday in Austria and France are quite comfortable, with all amenities homes that differs from the “small rural house”, but also called the Chalet.).

Chalet - (FR. chalet)

It seems no accident that this style was born in the mountains, so popular among residents of the East European plain. The charm of the Alpine-house in its scope and content. Appearance Chalet seems plain: squat building made of wood and stone, gable roof. Behind a discreet facade hiding the warmth and comfort is the most precious treasure of the house. Simple furniture, linen, wool, antlers on the walls, a collection of household items, old photos – it’s the little things, which are born by the magic atmosphere of the Chalet.

The spirit Chalet

The spirit Chalet in a modern interior.

Many romantics dream about conquering the mountain tops. But building a house in the mountains is for many an impossible fantasy. But if you want, you can make any wish. The couple, who sought to settle in a cozy Alpine Chalet, helped to realize this dream of a young Belgian designer. And in appearance, and the interior of the house, he was able to combine simplicity and comfort of the Chalet is a traditional refuge of shepherds and hunters with the latest technological developments and new trends in interior design.

from the Chalet.

View from the Chalet.

Undoubtedly, the Swiss Alps is a truly magical place. Here, high in the mountains, lies the beautiful house. Its owners wanted to find a cozy mountain refuge – Alpine Chalet with a slight touch of modernity, which has retained traditional features and at the same time present the current trends of interior design. This style was born in the mountains, where life was harsh and unpredictable weather. Classic Chalet – squat sustainable building with gable roof, reminiscent of the outstretched wings of the eagle, and small Windows. Usually it lived hunters or shepherds, so its main purpose is to protect them from the inclement weather and the scorching rays of the sun. This house is not “contrary to” nature, not suppress it, not seeking to stand out with their bright, puffy view, and fits well into the landscape.

the Chalet.

Inside the Chalet.

with wooden walls

Plaid curtains in harmony with wooden walls.

The young Belgian designer Philippe Michel created a “lightweight” version of the traditional Swiss Chalet. From the large Windows of this house offers a beautiful view of snowy mountain slopes, wrapped in transparent blue haze. Working on the interior, the wizard tried to maximize the picturesque scenery, which you can admire from the window. To the internal atmosphere corresponded to the external environment, Miselu had to work hard. First of all he decided to eliminate some of the partitions to expand the space and make the home more bright and Sunny. The feeling of space, freedom – modern trend (traditional Chalet is a “puppet” of the house with low ceilings and small Windows). In addition, this house must be very comfortable because in the old days in the winter can’t come out for weeks.

Retro interior of the Chalet

Retro interior of the Chalet.

Soft pastel colors look natural and enhance the feeling of spaciousness. This muted colors diluted with bright spots plaid. Curtains and bedspreads saturated dark red in color report decoration Chalet warmth and comfort.

wooden bed.

A large wooden bed.

In the interior of the Chalet is customary to use only natural materials: wood, fur, leather, linen, cotton and wool fabrics. Because traditionally these houses were home shepherds and hunters, their walls were decorated with hunting trophies.

Wooden dining table

Wooden dining table and horn chandelier above him.

The wall separating the dining room, living room, study room and a reading corner, the designer has maintained, since each of these areas has its own, peculiar to him alone features. Dining room is restraint. The main subject of her attire – a large table made of solid oak, surrounded by chairs with white covers, so that here there is a wonderful atmosphere of comfort. And compositional center of the living room is a fireplace made of local stone. However, the interior of this house an inherent unity. A connecting link is the color. Soft pastel colors look natural and enhance the feeling of spaciousness. This muted colors diluted with bright spots plaid. Curtains and flannel blankets saturated dark red in color report decoration Chalet warmth and comfort.

The designer managed to make it home the uniqueness and individuality. Many interior items, allowing you to recreate the spirit of antiquity, clay bowl, sled, Garcinia mountain scenery – were bought from antique dealers. Chalet – refuge shepherds and hunters often decorated with hunting trophies – grinning faces of wild animals. In this case, the designer chose antlers. The interior Alpine buildings dominated by wood. Its honey color warms the house, perched on a snowy mountain top. Philippe Michel used and other natural materials: linen, wool, leather, and stone.

In this house the various interior items – whether it be fabrics in warm colours, bright plaid,prints and photographs with views of mountains, deer horns, wooden sculptures of animals is characterized by simplicity and restraint. Here the features of an old Chalet coexist harmoniously with signs of modernity.


Photo: East News/Inside/ Patrick Van Robaeys






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