The cabin in the woods

cabin in the woods

Design and construction of Honka

So we can formulate the credo of those who love the atmosphere of log houses. They will never agree with skeptics who believe chopped house is outdated, as for stressed city dweller so natural dwelling, surrounded by flowery gardens and century-old forest behind it, is simply a Paradise on earth.


 log house

Wooden log house


Whoever comes here, immediately catches the eye is a magnificent ensemble: large log house and extending over a large area flower garden. And all this against the backdrop of lush green pine forests. This impression is so strong that it is difficult to imagine a more harmonious combination.


The facade of the  log houses

The facade of the wooden log houses


The owners of this log home – in the past the inhabitants of the big city, long dreamed of a wooden house and, in principle, consider all possible options scanning directories of many construction companies. Including it was about half-timbered construction of their future home. But when they bought a plot of land situated near a pine forest, we decided to choose a log house.


The company Honka, which specializes in the production, as the material uses the wood is specially treated Nordic pine with particular strength and elasticity. These properties are the result of slow growth of trees in the North. (documented in the result of years of research).


in a wooden house

Wooden house interior


In the center of a land plot with a garden pond,partially bordering a pine forest, looks great house, built of round logs. Processed natural glaze the wood has become easy, silky Shine.

Direct contact logs with soil excluded. The house has a brick base, around which made the paving of gravel. Wooden elements of the garden paths are also not on the earth, and the small special Foundation that prevents excessive moisture

Wooden house

The main entrance in a wooden house


The wall between the kitchen and the Cabinet, and the fireplace made of silica brick. In addition to the technical reasons why the plan here was embodied the desire of the owners to make a rustic style. Warm air warms not only sitting near the fireplace, but the whole house. Therefore, all the rooms warm and cozy.

In addition, the trunks of pine trees here are very smooth. In the process of drying wood is not subject to cracking, facilitate its handling and use in construction. It should be noted that for manufacture of building materials Honka uses only the strongest part of the tree is its kernel. This material is strong, resinous and has a high resistance against rain and wind. Post transportation of construction material has a residual moisture content of about 15%.


During construction presents house was selected as the most ancient form of building elements – round log. Modern methods of wood processing to allow for a perfect fit every time logs and absolute density of joints.

Home company Honka are supplied in kit form building materials in packaging that prevents atmospheric phenomena, with each beam also numbered.


The bench at the trails

The bench at the trails near the house


The living area of the house is more 120,0 m2 on the ground floor and 54.0 per m2 in the attic. The house has no basement, as there is built a little house, designed for a sauna. It allocated a small room for tools and gardening equipment. Therefore, the owners found it unnecessary to invest in the equipment of the basement and do so graceful joblocom.


Without a moment regretting that chose timbered construction, home owners emphasize that the warmth from the present round logs, with nothing comparable. They think they live in the forest, but it is not so cold. Wood “breathes”, so the house is always fresh air in the rooms of the first floor made “warm floors”, a method of heating prevents dust formation, which, in turn, also improves the atmosphere in the house. On the premises is kept at a constant temperature in the range 21 to 22° C at relatively low costs for heating.


white fireplace

Large white fireplace

The choice of a single-layer wall construction due to the fact that all the logs are visible inside and outside and continuously ventilated.


At the same time were carried out the necessary work for the protection of wood: structural measures have been taken at the design and post construction all logs were impregnated with a special compound that protects the wood from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, pests, mold. Natural glaze, giving the tree a light silky luster, also provides protection from moisture. The walls of the house retaining the natural tone of pine and always look fresh.



Wooden table

Bright kitchen, in harmony with the light wood and floor tiles

Bright kitchen, in harmony with the light wood and floor tiles

interior of the house

Light the interior of the house


On the border of the land plot is a little house with a sauna. In addition, there is a small room used to store tools and gardening equipment


Total area of 174.5 m2 1st floor is 120.5 mg Hallway – 21,0 mg Living – 42,0 m2 Dining room – 15,0 m2 Kitchen – 12,5 m2 Office – 17,0 m2 Bathroom of 6.5 mg Pantry – 6,5 m2 2 floors – 54,0 m2 Gallery – 13,0 m2 Bedroom – 18.0 m2 guest Room – 14.5 m2 Bathroom – 8.5 m2



Ground floor

Ground floor plan



First floor

First floor plan




Plan saunas







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