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The psychology of an old house


Suffering from types of surface asphalt urban boxes and industrial communities, people are out of town, closer to the idiots, winding paths and low timbered houses. Art outline of this building – the way old warm home – revealed gradually and wonderfully combines modern urban and village.


Area with potted plants

Area with potted plants in the house

Exterior wooden structures due to various structural moves and artistic details turned out to be right in the image and likeness of the old house. By itself, the house has two floors, but rafter roof and a large console takeaway create the impression that the house is small. The mood is supported by the structure and characteristics of building materials. The texture of natural wood, with cracks and gaps, retains the impression of softness.

The wide openings of the corridor in the living room

The wide openings of the corridor in the living room

Stainless steel and very durable roofing copper laid on the roof, over time, became dark and acquired Selenomethionine shade. As you can see, time is on the way.

The same philosophy permeates the house from the inside. Wooden walls, the architects left in its natural looking nature, and for contrast portals internal openings made under the old tree.”

Wooden wooden

Wooden wooden table in the kitchen

In the style of the interior guess the French “country” with wicker furniture and pattern of the curtains, the aesthetics of a Russian village with a monopoly of the tree. Love forged metal parts also came from history. Metal in the house enough. This and the back bed in the nursery, and balusters of the staircase and balconies and wrought-iron chairs in the kitchen, and items of furniture, and decor stair railing, and lamps.

Floor tiles

Floor tiles are perfect for the tree

Old house its pleasant trifles. Antique chandelier, carved chairs, painted comedic, textiles in country style. The aesthetics of the house meets French fireplace with kirpichnozavodskaya trim and bracket to support the chimney

Decorative painting on wood in the bedroom that is made Aravinou. The ornament of the Cabinet doors and beams its bizarre twists follows the relief of the headboard and embossed pattern coverlet

Wooden staircase

Wooden staircase to the second floor

The old philosophy of the house combined with the modern rhythm of life. In the nursery on the second floor amicably settled iron chests for storage, and the floor is covered variegated rugs. The TV in the living room on your place, as well as a modern fireplace.

white fireplace

Large white fireplace

The house turned out to be vivid, warm, soft and comfortable. Moreover, it exists not in itself, but in the whole range of relationships and interactions with other buildings and nature. The second exit from the house leads to an improvised terrace with space for outdoor dining. Near the gazebo under a funny name “Booth for Bigfoot”, summer swimming pool, sauna, tennis court. All this to the accompaniment of green grass, ornamental and fruit trees, a small pond and stone paths

made ceiling

Originally made ceiling

A. Ilichev, photo And Shevchenko, WriteData

Ground floor plan

Ground plan

First floor plan

First plan

The total area of 195,m2 Area 1st floor – 110,tambur – 3,5 mjoll to 11.2 mcostalba to 29.8 hostina – 22,9 moriniere – 8,2 mcpalin is 21.8 Manuel – 7,1 mtech. space – 12,6 m2land 2 floors – 84,9 mcpalin 24,9; 18,3:15,1 Manuel – 7,1 mjoll 19,5m2





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