Sketch "Fairy houses".
Sketch “Fairy houses”.

As led since the beginning…

This house is thin and tart smell of wood. Resin solar tear down planed logs, and with dark icons looks pervasive gaze of the light image of the virgin. Comfort, warmth of natural wood, crackling wood in the fireplace. And outside – spruce and pine…


house from a fairy tale.
Carved house from a fairy tale.

The author of the decoration – Century Rycarev the Author of the architectural project – H. Benoit

Wooden house
Wooden house – side view.

Artistic processing of wood – an exceptional phenomenon. The reason for this is the number of interacting factors: natural, economic, and spiritual. In the life of every people usually mastering that material that is otherwise in the environmental, nature. On the huge territory of Russia there are deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests, have universal qualities, this material allows you to make larger structures such as peasant houses or many-headed Church in Kizhi, and use – even its smallest pieces, roots and bark to create various household utensils, dishes, toys.
Many years of searching and experimenting masters of the past had a huge impact on the appearance of the current wooden house. Russian folk wooden architecture brought to our days of old traditions Decorative carvings on ancient; Russian buildings, preserved in the Russian North in Siberia always attracted attention of travelers, researchers, artists for its beauty, craftsmanship and imaginative expression.


In our days, tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, many are moving to live closer to nature. So the owner of this estate, located in one of picturesque places of Moscow suburbs, has realized his dream of a fabulous mansion. Wanted to have a comfortable, spacious and beautiful house, he ventured to refer not to the famous capital of the authors, and to master nugget of people.

The decoration has provided the architecture of the house special expressiveness, did facades ceremonial and folk.

wooden house in the forest.
Fabulous wooden house in the forest.

Vasily Rycarev has designed the interior of the house, has created a luxurious wooden decoration of the facades, which highlight the harmonious architecture of the building. Gently, in a delicate patterns of warm colors did not little house weightless air. Fantastic tower is nestled among fragrant firs and pine trees, dropping onto the terrace “ambulatories” branch – hands, gently caressing fancy curls balusters. Magic has autolok nature with hidden pearl in it – the work of human hands, evoke a romantic mood, a sense of peace and Ecumenical involvement eternal.

interior of the house.

The identity of the master, his imagination gave the usual, ordinary household items special Shine and elegance

The wooden porch of the house from a fairy tale.
The wooden porch of the house from a fairy tale.

Before the master in the development of the concept of wooden furniture stood first question: the choice of material.
The exact type of wood that would serve for the realization of such a broad concept. Preference was eventually given coniferous species because of the beautiful texture, durability and high resistance to a rather difficult weather conditions the suburbs.

In the development of the artistic concept was used the experience of the old craftsmen, centuries-old traditions of Russian folk architecture. The desire of our ancestors to decorate their homes, to be surrounded by beautiful utensils, ancient traditions, formed at the call of the inner nature of man, his genetic quest for beauty and harmony. How many centuries ago, the tracks have various patterns organically fit into the decorative structure of wind boards, crowned with pediments. Fascia boards have their original design, not drop down out of the artistic design. The joints of wind boards closed towels, top of the curls which are collected in steep, forming a solar symbol. Cornices, valances, window casings, balcony fences “arcade” and balconies, Gables and porch all full of fabulous patterns profile and flat relief carving, components unique ensemble festive “garments” of the house.
The skill, imagination, the ability to subdue the material and to overcome its resistance – in this master shows his native creative essence.

The area  1st floor.

The area of the 1st floor – 111.5 m2
Hall of 12.4 m2
Flattery, cell – 8,2 m2
Tambour – 2.1 m2
Entrance hall 5 1 m2
Living 58,0 m2
Table I – 14.2 m2
Kitchen – 8.3 m2
Bathroom 3,2 m2

The area of the floor.

The area of the 2nd floor to 52.4 m2
Hall – 10.7 m2
Stairwell 8.2 m
Bedrooms 24.9; 13.3, 13.3 m2
Bath – 4.1 m2
Dressing room 2.8 m2

E. Ustinova,
photo. A. Shevchenko